Our Food Tours


Edible Europe

Beyoglu or Pera neighbourhood is the beating heart of the European side of Istanbul.

It will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the multi cultural history of the city as well as the cooking techniques and flavour principles of Turkish cuisine.


So you will not only be full after the tour

but you could order with confidence at any Turkish restaurant or specialty food shop.


Edible Asia

We'll visit the historic Kadikoy permanent market,

on the Asian side of Istanbul. A busy and delicious hub for locals and visitors alike.

The Market is  conveniently located near the sea shore and  easily accessible by ferry. It is home to cross-generational specialty stores and eateries, all within a couple of blocks.


Private Tours

You can privatize our cherished routes (edible Asia or edible Europe) for more intimacy. Whether you are alone or a party of two, the private tours start at 300 euros, 100 euros for each participant after a party of 2. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for availability and more information.