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Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for a bit more information about the tours ? Take a look at the list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. If you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


How long do the tours last?


The tours usually last  about 3 and half  to 4 hours. Day long food  tours  besides being a big commitment on short trips  are usually taxing on guests.


Which route should I choose?


It  really depends on which part of  the  city you’ll want to discover. The kadikoy and pera tours are structured in a similar fashion. Although  the food tastings may vary in function of neighbourhoods  and seasons, there will be plenty of food for everybody. So we suggest you come on an empty stomach.


 How much walking is involved?


The tours are more about eating and less about walking. We are talking about leisurely strolls between local eateries and specialty stores. A pair of comfortable walking shoes and dressing according to the weather would make your life easier though.   


Where will you take me?


We do not disclose our favourite shops and eateries beforehand, for the same reason that a magician never reveals his tricks. Upon your booking we’ll send you detailed information about  our meeting point, from there on you’ll be in the very capable hands of your guide who will walk you through your journey.

 We’ll just leave you with this information though, depending on the season we’ll take you to 8 to 12 eateries and shops where you would eat and drink 20 to 25 different items. 


What is included in the tour price?


All the tastings and beverages are included in the tour price. We want your full attention on the sensory experience,  not the conversion rates.


Do you accommodate different dietary requirements and allergies? 


Yes we do! Turkish food may seem animal-based at first glance thanks to the reputation of our kebabs but there is so much more to our cuisine. We will be able to offer vegetarian friendly and gluten free alternatives on most of the eateries we’ll visit.  We are working on a plant based  route to satisfy our future vegan guests. 

We’ll ask for your dietary restrictions and allergies after you book a tour with us.


Will I be able to shop during the tour?


It would depend on the day and the busyness in the shops. We have nothing against shopping and would be happy to assist you in your choices but keep in mind that the time spent shopping will eat away from our tour time. Quick purchases are welcome however for a more consequent shopping spree we suggest that you wait for the end of the tour . We’ll be happy to give you directions to your new found favourite shops, and since our routes are built on manageable walking distances you wouldn’t have to change continents to find the shops.

Will there be alcohol?


Not in copious amounts but yes !


Are the tours child friendly?


Children above 12 are more than welcome to join us, as  we love exposing young palates to new and exciting adventures in food. 
We’ll be happy to arrange a private and customized tour for families with younger guests.


What is your refund policy?


We’ll be happy to issue a full refund 3 days prior to your tour, no questions asked. Rescheduling would depend on availability.

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